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Thanksgiving Day is the United States and Canada shared Festival, created by the people of the United States, the intention was to thank God given good harvest, thanks to help from the indians. In America, Thanksgiving Day is the fourth Thursday in November every year, and from that date will be on leave for two days; while the Canadian and American Thanksgiving at different times, the second Monday of October.
Everyone agrees the dinner must be roast turkey. A turkey with a bread dressing to absorb the delicious juices flowing during baking, but cooking techniques often because of family and regions vary, what filler application is difficult to get consistent.
  What are the Thanksgiving Day game?
The game, cranberry race: put a bowl with cranberries on the floor, 4-10 player in the sitting around, each sent her a. The beginning of the game, they first sewing clothes, and then to a series cranberry, one to 3 minutes; who was the longest string, who will get the prize. As for the string of the slowest person, we also make fun of to send him a worst award.
Game two, game of corn: corn five people hid in the house, we go separately, find corn five to participate in the competition, other people watched. The start of the game, five on the rapid exploitation of maize grain in a bowl, who finished first stripping who the winners, then by no race around the bowl next to guess how many grains of corn, guess the number of the nearest award to a bag of popcorn.
Game three, the game with a teaspoon of pumpkin run, the rules can not be touched by hand pumpkin, who won a first destination. The smaller spoon with the competition, the game is more interesting.
The Thanksgiving legacy has been alive for hundreds of years. The customs we see in our homes today remind us of ancient celebrations of harvest, thankfulness for peace, and the endeavors of native Americans. It consists of stories of those who believe that gratitude for blessings is a virtue all must possess.
  ★Custom of Praying(祈祷的习俗)
For centuries, 'Thanksgiving Day' is associated with communal prayers in church and in homes. People offer various meal time prayers during the day. It is a time, when mankind thanks God for all his blessings and grace. It is also a day to show gratitude to your friends and relatives for all the good deeds.
  ★Custom of Family Dinner(家宴习俗)
The traditional stuffed turkey adorns every dinner table during the feast. pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, corns are some of the dishes cooked everywhere to mark the day.
家庭盛宴是感恩节期间的一个重要习俗。全家人围坐在饭桌边一起祈祷,愿上帝施与永不停息的恩惠。 这也让身处异地的亲友欢聚一堂,同庆美好时光。
Though historians don’t have an evidence to prove that turkey was eaten during the first thanksgiving dinner, the thanksgiving celebration will be incomplete without it.
The traditional thanksgiving parade probably started with president lincoln proclaiming it an official day. the full- dress parade is a way to display the country’s military strength and discipline. the main aim of such parades is to lift the spirits of the spectators, provide them with wholesome entertainment. in the present day, parades are accompanied with musical shows and celebrities.
football games??watching nfl football during thanksgiving is a popular tradition. the traditional game between the detroit lions and the green bay packers continues. one of the most memorable games having been played on this day.
  ★Custom of Decoration(装饰习俗)
Thanksgiving is a time to decorate homes with wreaths, fresh and dried flowers. People beautify their homes, give the interiors a whole new look and feel. They light lamps to brighten the environment. Tables are adorned with best china and antique silver cutlery to mark the occasion.
  ★Custom of sending messages(发送祝福的风俗)
Thanksgiving is a day when people send loving messages and warm wishes to their relatives, colleagues at work place, superiors and subordinates, near and dear ones. It is a day of conveying their feelings through Thanksgiving cards.




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